SKVL in English

Collaboration to enable safe transactions

Suomen Kiinteistönvälittäjät ry (SKVL) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enable safe and lawful housing transactions. SKVL has been working towards this goal since 1946. Through the network of SKVL’s members you can always find a local, responsible expert to assist you, and SKVL provides all relevant information for you to make informed decisions and find a home safely. Suomen Kiinteistönvälittäjät ry works in all of Finland to ensure trustworthy and housing transactions.

  • We work to help the consumer – we are an independent, non-profit organization
  • We are your local professional – via us you can find objective expertise in all of Finland, no matter where you are
  • We offer the best competence – we have the largest and most educated network in Finland

SKVL also acts as an advisor for legislation development and oversees that SKVL members operate in an ethical way. SKVL also trains housing professionals in industry legislation and sustainability. An essential part of SKVL is publishing objective, accurate information about housing market and its developments in Finland quarterly.

1. Large network allows being local in all of Finland

SKVL’s network covers 470 local real estate practices and 1600 experts throughout Finland. Via SKVL a local specialist can be found in all areas. A wide range of experts allows SKVL members to collaborate to provide the service to fill consumer needs.

2. Expertise and competence are your advantage

SKVL members are specialists in housing market. They are continuously trained in new developments, legislation, and best industry practices. Members of SKVL always provide their customers up to date and objective information about market developments.

This allows the consumer to feel safe as they will certainly be served with the best competence. SKVL members are experts in real estate, so that you do not have to be.

3. The operations of our members are responsible and safe

All real estate companies are supervised by local authorities, but SKVL also oversees the operations of member companies. SKVL requires its members to always comply with ethical practices and industry legislation. Should something go against your expectations, you can always notify SKVL, where your concern will be handled accordingly.