When is the right time to sell your home?

The right time to sell a home is a question that many home sellers ponder on and one that is often asked from estate agents. Rather than certain seasons of the year or certain months, it is the individual needs of buyers that have the biggest influence on the change of home ownership. 

Life situation influences the decision to buy 

Naturally, every home seller wants their home to be on the market at the best possible time, when there are as many potential buyers on the market as possible. Traditionally, it is thought that spring is the golden time for house-hunting, as the increasing amount of light and bright weather drive people to look for a home. Indeed, it is true that the demand for detached houses and holiday homes, for example, is particularly high in spring and early summer, when people start planning to buy their own garden or summer cottage. 

However, the decision to buy a home is first and foremost based on people’s own individual needs. Often, people change their home for reasons that are not seasonal: a new child in the family, a new job, a divorce or other change in their life situation makes them plan a new home, and these changes can happen at any time of the year. This is why the housing market is full of buyers all year round, and there is no “right” or “wrong” time to sell a home.

Would you like to know how demand is changing in your area?

Discuss the market situation with your local broker!

It is not a good idea to shy away from the holiday season either, as for many buyers the holiday season is actually a great time to look for a home: there is time to browse the classifieds and it is easier to arrange time to view a property. Families with children may be particularly keen on the housing market during the summer holidays, as this is a good time to settle in into a new home before the school starts. The increasing use of the internet for housing advertisements ensures that buyers can view homes for sale wherever and whenever they want. 

Invite a broker for an evaluation 

Asunnon kiinnostavuuteen asuntomarkkinoilla vaikuttavat ennen The attractiveness of a property on the housing market is mainly determined by its characteristics, such as its condition, location or possible future renovations. The most important factor influencing the sale of a dwelling, rather than seasonal fluctuations, is the assessment of the price of the dwelling according to these criteria. In addition to the characteristics of the dwelling, the current market situation also influences the price assessment. You can read more about price valuation here: What is the basis for the price evaluation of a dwelling? 

A real estate agent is an expert in the housing market, and monitoring the housing market is an essential part of their job description. A local estate agent knows the local housing market, price trends and future prospects and will be happy to discuss them with you during a free valuation visit. This is a great opportunity to get to know the agent and see if they are the right person to broker your home. Read more about choosing a real estate agent here! 

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