What makes a good estate agent?

When it comes time to sell your home, you also have to choose a real estate agent. In Finland, the principals are free to choose the estate agent of their choice and, for example, it cannot be a condition for obtaining a mortgage that a particular agent is used. 

As there is a wide range of supply in the real estate agency sector, it is good to use a moment to find the most suitable broker. In this article, we have put together some essential qualities of a good estate agent. 

Regional knowledge is important in a housing transaction

SKVL’s extensive network enables local presence at a national level

According to the law, estate agents must follow good agency practice in their work. Written guidelines on good agency practice have been drawn up, and every member of the Finnish Real Estate Agents’ Association is also obliged to follow these. A professional real estate agent is familiar with the legislation governing real estate brokerage and carries out his/her real estate brokerage work in accordance with it. 

In addition to legal knowledge, a professional real estate agent can determine a justified selling price for a home based on statistics and the characteristics of the home. A good real estate agent is also a good marketer: he or she can prepare a compelling sales advertisement and answer a wide range of questions during open houses. In addition to this, a real estate agent can guide the parties involved in the sale of a property through the various stages of the sale.