About us

The Finnish Real Estate Agents’ Association (SKVL) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to enable secure and lawful home sales and purchases. SKVL has been promoting this mission since 1946. 

Working together for secure home sales and purchases 

Through the SKVL member network, a home seller or buyer can be assisted by a local, responsible expert and have all the legal information they need to find a home securely. The Finnish Real Estate Agents’ Association works throughout the country to promote reliable and fair real estate brokerage. 

  • We work for the consumer – we are a non-profit operator. 
  • We are your local expert – we provide you with unbiased expertise in every village around Finland. 
  • We offer the best expertise – we have the largest and best trained network in Finland, giving you the best expertise in the country. 

SKVL also serves as a legislative developer and advisor, and supervises the ethical conduct of its member entrepreneurs in the sector. The organisation also trains those working in the sector to become experts in legislation and sustainable development in housing. One important cornerstone of its activities is to publish unbiased, accurate information on the market and to report quarterly on the regional housing situation and its development in Finland. 

1. A wide network enables a local approach at national level 

SKVL’s network includes around 500 local real estate agencies and 1,700 professional real estate agents throughout Finland. SKVL has a local expert in every locality. The extensive network of experts enables SKVL member companies to co-operate with each other according to the needs of their clients.  

2. Competence and expertise are your advantage

The brokers of SKVL member companies are specialists in the housing market. They receive continuous training on the latest trends and legislation in the sector. The member companies always provide their clients with up-to-date, unbiased information on the situation, developments and pricing in the housing market. 
You can rest assured that you will be served with the best expertise. The brokers of SKVL member companies are housing professionals, so you do not have to be. 

3. Our members provide reliable and safe service

All real estate agencies are supervised by Regional State Administrative Agencies, but SKVL also supervises the activities of its member companies. It requires its member companies to act in accordance with the law on estate agents and good agency practice. If something does not go according to your expectations, you can report it to the Finnish Real Estate Agents’ Association. Your message will be dealt with appropriately and you will always receive a reply. 


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