SKVL Best of the Year 2022

Winners and finalists of the categories Agent of the Year, Company of the Year and Newcomer of the Year 2022

Winners and finalists of the categories Agent of the Year, Company of the Year and Newcomer of the Year 2022 

The Finnish Real Estate Agents’ Association (SKVL) is the largest and oldest real estate agency network in Finland, consisting of nearly 500 local offices and around 1,800 agents throughout Finland. SKVL selects the finalists from among its members on the basis of a rigorous pre-selection process. The Best of the Year were selected by a vote by the members. The winners for 2022 were announced on 25 November 2022 at the SKVL Gala for SKVL members. 

The pre-selection process has focused on experience, training and practices, as well as success in the previous year. SKVL’s Real Estate Agent of the Year has been awarded since the 1980s. 

This year, winners were chosen in three categories: Agent of the Year, Company of the Year and, as a new category, Newcomer of the Year. 

The finalists and winners are strong experts in their field, committed to good agency practice. 


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Agent of the Year finalists 

Emma Nummela

Muutos LKV, Tampere
Real estate agent, YKV, LKV

“Each listing and each client is unique.” 

Emma Nummela is one of the entrepreneurs of Muutos LKV in Tampere and started in the industry in November 2011. Emma says that her mission is to help and support the clients in their biggest transaction in terms of money. Emma’s success is based on the fact that she thoroughly considers each listing for sale. Linda plans to work in the industry for as long as possible and wants her efforts to leave a positive impression on her clients. 

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Toni Myyry

Aninkaisten Kiinteistönvälitys Oy, Turku
Sales Manager, YKV, LKV, LVV, JET, KiAT, Public Purchase Witness

“In my opinion, the Agent of the Year should be someone who delivers high-quality work and is honest, and this is also visible to the outside world.” 

Toni Myyry works as a sales manager at Aninkaisten Kiinteistönvälitys Oy in Turku. Toni has been working in the real estate industry for eight years and has been continuously training himself. The real estate industry means a lot to Toni and he describes it as a hobby. Toni’s success is based on his passion for the industry and a hands-on and meticulous approach to his work. Toni’s passion for his work is also highlighted by his desire to help and train his colleagues. 

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Krista Aaltonen

Kiinteistönvälitys Näytönpaikka Oy, Turku  
Development Director, Real Estate Agent, LKV, KiAT, YJET 

“Real estate agency work can be done with a relaxed and cheerful attitude, even when dealing with serious matters.” 

Krista Aaltonen works in the Turku region for Kiinteistönvälitys Näytönpaikka Oy. Real estate brokerage is Krista’s way of life and she does her work with love. Krista’s success is based on her authenticity and her ability to work with a variety of clients. Krista cares about her clients, but also about her clients’ homes. Krista’s way of doing real estate agency work has become her own, which is reflected in her relaxed and cheerful approach to her work. 

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Agent of the year 2022 Linda Leino

Haave LKV, Rauma  
CEO, YKV, LKV, KiAT, Public Purchase Witness 

“I think personal branding is a very important part of a real estate agent’s job today.” 

Linda Leino works in the Satakunta region for the real estate agency Haave LKV as CEO and real estate agent. Linda started in the real estate business in 2011 and the work has become a natural part of her everyday life. Her success is based on a strong personal brand, which she has set out to build from the very beginning of her career. Linda has pursued extensive training in the industry and describes her own way of working as client-focused. 

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Heli Jussila

Bo LKV Oy, Tampere  
Real Estate Agent, YKV, LKV 

“A good broker is a positive and hard-working person – someone with the knowledge of a lawyer, the skills of a builder and the talents of a fortune-teller.” 

Heli Jussila works at Bo LKV in Tampere and has been working in the real estate industry for 16 years. Heli’s success in the industry is based on her extensive know-how and solid educational background. According to her, real estate brokerage as a job is more than just a job – it is a position of trust and partly a way of life. Heli feels that she is a pillar of support for the parties involved in a home transaction, and that both the seller and the buyer must trust her. Heli’s dedication to her work and to her clients is reflected in her own practices. 

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Newcomer of the Year finalists 

Newcomer of the Year 2022 Sari Immonen 

Haave LKV, Rauma  
Real Estate Agent LKV, LVV, KiLAT 

“I consider it an honour to be involved in the most important aspects of clients’ lives and to be part of making their dreams come true.” 

Sari Immonen is a real estate agent with Haave LKV, a real estate agency in Rauma, Finland. In 2020, Sari had an idea for a new field and a strong intuition led her to the real estate industry. Sari describes the real estate sector as responsible and demanding, and the meaningfulness of the work is important to her. She describes her way of working as active and efficient, and her curiosity and attention to detail make her to want to learn new things constantly. 

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Jutta Nevala

Espoon kiinteistönvälitys Merja Natunen LKV, Espoo  
Real Estate Agent, LKV, M.Sc. Econ. 

“My approach is to tell everyone what’s going on and what certain things mean – some things are quite commonplace for us, but can be more difficult for the buyer and seller to understand.” 

Jutta Nevala is a real estate agent with Espoon kiinteistönvälitys Merja Natunen LKV in Espoo. Jutta used to present her home to strangers with a floor plan in hand when she was a little girl. For Jutta, the real estate industry means helping people with big decisions and home exchange, but she describes real estate as being more than just home exchange, such as different life situations. Jutta’s approach reflects how she herself would like to be served in the home sale and purchase process. 

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Laura Rögård

Anette K. LKV, Nurmijärvi  
Real estate agent, LKV, LVV, M.Sc. Econ. 

“I hope that what I do conveys enthusiasm and passion for my work – I hope it carries as far as possible.” 

Laura Rögård works at Anette K. LKV in Nurmijärvi. Laura’s career in real estate agency came from her background in real estate investment and her passion for apartments. She describes the real estate industry as a demanding specialist job, combining a wide range of different skills and keeping up to date. Laura describes her approach as client-oriented – everything starts from the client’s wishes and needs. Laura’s work conveys her positivity and cheerfulness, for which she has received positive feedback from clients. 

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Company of the Year finalists

Asuntomesta Oy LKV, Lappeenranta

“A cheerful and fun agency in South Karelia.” 

Asuntomesta Oy is a family business started in 2005, operating in the Lappeenranta area. The company employs seven people, six of whom work as estate agents. All of the staff are LKV-qualified. 
Asuntomesta is recognised by its high-quality approach to work and its imaginative brand advertising. The actual target advertising takes place on housing portals, social media and on the 25-metre-long office window, which is located right in the heart of Lappeenranta. Asuntomesta’s staff are sparky and bold and get noticed for their various promotions. 

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Saviharju & Kääriäinen Oy LKV, Klaukkala

“It is extremely important in real estate agency to be an agent for both the buyer and the seller.” 

Saviharju & Kääriäinen Oy LKV operates in the Nurmijärvi area. The company was founded in January 2016 by two entrepreneurs; Marika Kääriäinen and Tarjaliisa Saviharju. According to Tarjaliisa Saviharju, many of her clients have said that the company’s identifying feature are the brokers’ cars with their logos, but many also recognise the company by its name and strong personal brands. The company operates from home offices, meeting customers either at their homes or at the entrepreneurs’ home offices. Saviharju & Kääriäinen Oy LKV is very much a regional brokerage, which emphasises the importance of regional knowledge and its importance for both the seller and the buyer. 
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Vuoden Yritys 2022 Etta LKV, Turku

“We strive to ensure that the customer gets the best possible service and a good result.” 

Etta LKV was established in December 2019 by four real estate agents and operates in Southwestern Finland and Helsinki area. The company employs 10 real estate agents, nine of whom are based in Turku and one in Helsinki. The company wants to be approachable and this is reflected in its brand image and approach. Customer orientation is the cornerstone of the company, supported by proactivity, professionalism and quality. Marketing takes place through a variety of channels, including social media, the company’s website and various print media. 

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Turun Talokulma Oy LKV, Turku

Honesty and respect for the customer right to the end – they do pay off.” 

Turun Talokulma Oy is a company established in 1987 in Southwestern Finland. The real estate agents Pekka Tähtinen and Anssi Järvinen operate under this name. The company is recognisable by its people, and brokerage work has been done from the customer’s point of view for many generations. The company markets through housing portals, open houses and local newspapers. The company believes that the key to real estate agency is honesty, openness and getting on with people. Thanks to perseverance, the company has done well in the sector and Pekka Tähtinen, the company’s CEO, says: “It’s fun to be an entrepreneur!” 

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Winners from previous years 


2021 Kiinteistönvälitys Enberg Oy LKV, Jyväskylä
2020 LKV Tuomiset, Naantali, Turku
2019 Asuntokauppa Hanna & Hanna LKV Oy, Helsinki, Nummela
2018 Tampereen Arvohuoneistot Oy, Tampere
2017 Kiinteistönvälitys Alanko Oy, Salo


2021 Kiinteistönvälitys Otso LKV Oy, Pori
2020 Asuntomesta Oy LKV, Lappeenranta
2019 Kotoisa LKV, Turku
2018 Villa Oy LKV, Tampere


2021 Merja Kausto, Mikkeli
2020 Pekka Tähtinen, Turku
2019 Hanna Johansson, Helsinki
2018 Pertti Heikkilä, Turku
2017 Mikko Savolainen, Jyväskylä